Caudwell Children’s Get Sensory Packs – Donate

Our Occupational Therapy and Support Team have selected key sensory items that offer children a broad range of sensory opportunities, therapeutic benefits and interactive experiences. The pack has been designed to support children living with a wide range of disabilities who are likely to benefit from sensory resources. If you would like to donate an individual item or a whole pack to support a family with a disabled child, please click on one of the donation options below.

Help a child like Elena

Elena is shielding because of a heart condition.

She really misses nursery and struggles to take part in activities at home.

She needs sensory equipment to engage with the world around her.

Help a child like Ewan

Ewan has autism and is a sensory-seeker.

Changes in routine, especially over the last year, are hard for Ewan. He can get anxious and frustrated.

He needs sensory toys to help him regulate his emotions.

Help a child like Lilah

Lilah has a rare genetic disease which causes developmental delays.

Lilah has been at home for the past year, and needs mental and physical stimulation.

She needs sensory engagement to get through the pandemic.

Donate a Get Sensory pack or item for a disabled child

Complete Pack with Support Service


This donation package will cover the costs of a full Get Sensory Pack, as well as the costs of the additional sensory support services provided to families.

Complete Pack (Equipment Only)


Kit contains all 9 items of sensory equipment to help a disabled child stimulate the development of language, problem-solving, motor skills and social interaction.

Monthly Donation

£5, £10, £20

Donate to our Get Sensory Packs campaign every month to allow us to continue providing essential sensory equipment to disabled children.

Scented Bubbles


Pack of bubble-wands filled with bubble solution designed to develop visual tracking skills, enhance alterness, regulate arousal levels and encourage calm behavior.

Sisal Brush


Hard bristle brush with wooden handle designed to stimulate a child’s sense of touch and enhance appreciation of texture and pressure.

Liquid Cell Timer


Cylinder designed to stimulate visual senses and develop a child’s appreciation of the concept of time, as they watch the liquid drip, slide and drop down as small globules.

Massage Bug


Vibrating body massager featuring soft coloured lighting designed to enhance a child’s relaxation.

Ball Massager


Porcupine balls have a tactile and stimulating effect when they are rolled over a child’s body.

Spikey Domes


Set of sensory semi-spheres designed to improve balance, enhance coordination and encourage physical exercise. Also used for relaxing foot massages

Fibre Optic Lamp


Set of two hand-held fibre optic devices with colour changing lights designed to stimulate both visual and tactile senses.

Space Blanket


Versatile crinkle blanket designed to create audio feedback when moved and create visual stimulations when used as a backdrop to projection and light work.

Weighted Cushion


Provides calming, deep pressure to the lap and upper legs whilst the child is sitting down and helps regulate arousal levels.